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Fernando Marchiori Lavagnolli,


Born in São Paulo on June 19 1979.


As Player

He began his career in the youth of Portuguesa which was convened by the Brazilian team sub 20 . Passed by Juventus , Osasco , CRB and Avai , until you get to Europe, where he was hired at Istres France.


In 2003 he was hired to play in the Union Barbarense , which was highlighted in 2004 and was hired by in the Paraná Club to compete in the major league of the Brazilian.


In 2005, he returned to Europe to work in Spanish football defending Cordoba. The following year he returned to Brazil to strengthen America-SP. In 2006, he was defending the Mogi-Mirim by Paulistão and then played Juventude-RS for the major league of the Brazilian.


In 2007 played in the Paulista championship at Rio Branco - SP , until you reach the ADAP / Galo Maringá . In 2008 , he was hired to play at Puertollano Spain, in 2009 played for the San Fernando of Spain , which chose to end his playing career.


As Coach


His coaching career began with internships at Deportivo La Coruña and Cadiz , both Spanish football clubs . In Spain he studied and obtained the course monitor football held by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.


Between August 2009 and August 2013 was a football coach in Maccabi, commanding the Brazilian national team of the Brazilian Maccabee, where he was Champion Australian Maccabiah 2010.


In 2012, won the title of Champion Pan American Maccabi, title that Brazil has not won over 27 years ago.


In 2012, won the Interclub State Championship in the same year participated in the World Maccabiah Israel getting 6th in the World Championships in Brazilian team for the Maccabi Israel in July 2013. In command of coach Fernando Marchiori, was the first time that a Brazilian team won the team of Israel.


Fernando Marchiori was Assistant Technical of the Luverdense Sports Club, and in his first year as an assistant coach with the Junior Rock and trainer Hamilton Faria won the Brazilian championship Access Series C to Serie B.


Fernando Marchiori was Cuiaba Esporte Clube Coach's until July 2015 with performance above 60%.


Fernando was the Technical Maringa Parana FC, unbeaten with six wins and 3 draws, winning the Copa Paraná in 2015 that gives the right to dispute the D Series of the Brazilian Championship in 2016 and 2017.


Since December 2016, Fernando Marchiori is Coach of the Maringá FC do Paraná




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